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Raising a child in Panama

Haz clic para leer este artículo en español. ¡También puedes darnos un “me gusta” en Facebook! 1. Your children grow up saying that America is a continent and not a country. 2. When a bell ringing breaks the usual sounds of the streets, you grab your wallet to ready yourself as your children are bound […]

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The best ski destinations in the US

Are you ready for winter thrills and adventure? Now’s the time to hit the ski slopes by day and party, dine out, or curl up with hot chocolate and loved ones by the fire at night. Whether you’re ready to go the distance to the best skiing destinations in the U.S. or just want the […]

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22 hottest peppers in the world

The Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) is a subjective scale used for measuring the spicy heat of peppers (and other hot foods). It’s a function of capsaicin concentration, though it’s not as accurate as the actual measurement of the capsaicin content of a pepper because it’s assessed empirically by panels of testers. In ascending order, here’s […]

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What to do in Puebla, Mexico

Puebla, one of 32 Mexican federal entities is located in the east-central part of the country. It’s home to five major indigenous groups: Nahuas, Totonacas, Mixtecas, Popolocas and Otomi whom mainly live in the mountainous north and south. The capital was of Puebla was founded to secure the conquistadors’ trade route between Mexico City and […]

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Travel Wyoming: A Deeper Look Into Jackson Hole

We watched mesmerized and shivering, just off the side of an empty two-lane road as three moose grazed lazily alongside a herd a hundred or so bison. Lateral ribbons of grey hovered above us, extending fingerlike and sparsely woven toward the horizon. The wind whipped, sharp; a terse reminder that our current, naive understanding of […]

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