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Trailfoody Is the Subscription Snack Box You Never Knew You Needed

The subscription box service has exploded in recent years. It’s now possible to order everything from gourmet meals to luxury apparel to post-apocalypse survival gear. To be honest, I tsktsk‘d the entire thing in the beginning. That was until I received a subscription to Cairn’s monthly boxes. Now, I can’t get enough of them. It’s […]

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Culinary Cultural Immersion a Foodie-Forward Travel Trend

Whether for adventure travel or more relaxing respites, travelers are increasingly seeking regionally-authentic itineraries that offer an intimate view of local cultures. In fact, reports show the trend of being “connoisseurs of local culture” will boom this year. “Indigenous tourism and cultural immersion experiences—especially those with culinary components—are white hot,” says travel expert Merilee Kern […]

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22 hottest peppers in the world

The Scoville Heat Unit (SHU) is a subjective scale used for measuring the spicy heat of peppers (and other hot foods). It’s a function of capsaicin concentration, though it’s not as accurate as the actual measurement of the capsaicin content of a pepper because it’s assessed empirically by panels of testers. In ascending order, here’s […]

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