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Top Hotels to Book in 2018

Travel+Leisure has released their picks on top hotels you’ll want to book this year. Many of the hotels are destinations in themselves, and others will have you planning a trip to experience the property and explore a new country, city, or even just a different part of town. New construction, renovated properties, all-inclusive resorts, an […]

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Bucket List Travel: Family or Group Vacay

For the indie traveler, avoiding chain companies, mass-produced tours and the well-trodden path is a top priority. One of the aspects of travel that’s less commonly discussed on alternative and independent travel sites — and that typically presents more challenges for visiting a place in a more un-touristy fashion — is family or group travel. […]

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Poolside retreats to beat the heat: Why home vacay rentals are great family options

Here in Texas, we are in the midst of summer heat wave time, and school is about to start in a few short weeks. My family is doing what many families are: making an escape for a late summer holiday! This week, my entire family (sisters, brothers, mother, daughter and the kids) are heading to […]

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Glamping: Nature staycation combined with comfort

Maybe you’re like me. Maybe you love nature. You love the “idea” of camping, if not particularly everything that comes with it. I am sort of an outdoors person. I like hiking, rafting, kayaking, wildlife … many outdoors adventures. But I also like to have a hot shower at the end of it. A comfy bed […]

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